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Toothpaste Tablets - 195 tablets (Spearmint)
Change toothpase

Toothpaste Tablets - 195 tablets (Spearmint)

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There are more than 900 million Toothpaste tubes entering our landfills and oceans every year, on a global scale.  Toothpaste tubes take over 500 years to break down and cannot be recycled.  To be sustainable, a fundamental change is required and starts with us. 

These toothpaste tablets remove the need for a tube altogether.  Packaged in compostable pouches, they reduce your environmental footprint while giving you a clean, fresh brushing – without any harsh chemicals.
Change Toothpaste Tablets help you make a small change with a big environmental impact.

-  195 toothpaste tablets in a plastic-free compostable pouch...perfect for everyday use, airplane travel and camping.

-  Protect your health and your environment for only .18 cents per brush!

-  Zero wast

-  All natural ingredients

-   Vegan-friendly

-  Nut, soy & gluten free

-  Made in Canada

How to use:

Simply chew the tablet, wet your toothbrush and brush away! 

Xylitol: A sugar alcohol found in most plant material and extracted from birch wood. Adds sweetness to the tablet.
Dicalcium Phosphate: Commonly used as a food additive. A polishing agent and assists in tablet binding.
Flavour: Natural spearmint flavour. Used for taste.
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate: A plant based foaming agent
Makes the tablet feel like regular toothpaste when used with water.

Sodium Bicarbonate:A polishing agent.Reduces the acidity in your mouth and mild cleaner.
Menthol:A compound obtained from peppermint oil. Gives that pop of freshness.
Silicon Dioxide: Naturally derived from the earth’s crust and makes up 95% of the rocks on the planet. Avoid clumping and  as a manufacturing lubricant.
Mentha Spicata Leaf Extract: Natural spearmint leaf. Adds subtle flavor and colour to the tablet.